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Selling Amazon FBA or FBM business: who should I trust?

Exiting your Amazon FBA business can get messy, no doubts. We’ve been there.

Not only do you have to make some of the biggest financial decisions of your life, but it also feels like giving a piece of yourself away. Leaving your business in good hands and realizing your upside would be excellent. But who to rely on to make it happen?


If you’re new to Amazon business sales and acquiring, taking risks and experimenting may contribute to not maximizing your gains. It might leave you with less than you could realize. There are a few crucial steps to make before quitting your business worry-free that you might just not know about:

  • Getting basic financials in order;
  • Estimating optimal value;
  • Identifying possible buyers or sales channel;
  • Running through transfer procedures and legal papers;

and the list goes on. Trusting your gut feeling, plain luck or inexperienced people delays the selling process and might cost you money.



Even though relying on one specific person in the sphere of selling FBA businesses might have a few drawbacks, contacting somebody who knows what to do definitely brings you peace.

Only a small percentage of Amazon entrepreneurs sell their businesses with no help from third parties. An assisting consultant or a broker covers all the Is it worth it and Where should I start if I want to quit type of questions in the process. In short, you don’t have to guess whether you did everything you had to or not.


Hiring a private FBA broker, however, might be a little expensive and tricky – not all businesses fit. While experienced broker can reduce the burden significantly, one should expect to pay a fee of 10% – 15% from a successfully closed deal. Legal expenses and taxes should also be accounted for (albeit some brokers offer legal templates for standard agreements). Additionally, since brokers earnings are tied to the selling price, well-established firms tend to prefer medium to large size businesses that has six digit earnings, complicating things for small and micro brand owners. A deep and thorough research could help!



If you want the exit to happen without any hiccups, we suggest you turn to a professional FBA business acquirers team. A group of experts will provide you with a real chance of selling your brand and profiting big.

Moreover, firms that take part in such sales already have experience that you might lack and are more cost effective. Relying on them means:

  • Saving money (exiting without extra fees);
  • Saving time (selling your brand in less than a month);
  • Maximizing your upside (getting the most reasonable offer);
  • Leaving with no guilt (entrusting professionals with your own business);
  • Quitting hassle-free (avoiding managing delicate legal and transfer processes on your own and at your expense);

Meeting a trustworthy team also makes you able to sell your brand no matter the revenue of it. You can exit a small business easily, too.


Now that you already know who to turn to, quitting a business doesn’t seem too difficult, does it? If you realize you need any help with exiting your business, do not hesitate to contact us today and explore the possibilities you have!